Army Shoots Tear Gas Canisters Directly at Protesters in Ni'ilin

Dozens joined the protests against the Wall in Ni'ilin this week. During the demonstration, Israeli soldiers shot tear-gas canisters directly at protesters, against its own open-fire regulations. One boy was injured by a rubber coated bullet and evacuated.

Residents of Ni'ilin Demand Access to Lands

Dozens of residents of Ni'ilin protested on Friday against the Wall which confiscates land and blocks farmers' passage into olive groves.

As Land Confiscation Persists, So Does the Struggle

Hundreds throughout the West Bank marked land day in popular demonstrations.  Many of the demonstrations were held where land confiscation persists as a daily practice. Several protesters were slightly injured. 

Popular resistance in Ni'ilin revived: Dozens protest the Wall and settlements

Protesting at the Western end of the Wall, residents of Ni'ilin are once again met with army violence and repression.  

Paying the Price: Ni'ilin Commemorates its Martyrs

The village of Ni'ilin maintains weekly protest despite the heavy price. This week, the village marked three years to the killing of Mohammed Khawaje and Arafat Khawaje. Report by the International Solidarity Movement

Protesters in Ni'ilin Manage to Open a Gate Long Closed by the Army

Approximately 100 residents and activists in Ni'ilin gathered to protest Israeli construction work in the Gates of the Temple Mount (Bab Al Magharbeh) in Jerusalem. Protesters managed to open an agricultural gate that has been closed for more than six months.  

Day of Military Violence Against Protesters in the West Bank

Four protesters in three different villages were arrested during protests staged across the West Bank today. Over a dozen were injured, including an eleven year-old.

Bil'in and Ni'ilin Maintain Resistance to the Wall and Settlement

Weekly demonstrations in the villages of Bil'in and Ni'ilin were held in solidarity with the prisoners and continued resistance to the Wall and settlements.

Help Release Ni'ilin's Ibrahim Srour from Israeli Prison

Ibrahim Srour, a resident of Nil'in, has been imprisoned by Israel for nearly two years for participating in local protests. He will be released from prison on October 2nd, if the immense 12,000 NIS (3,250 USD) fine placed by a military court judge is raised in time.

Ni'ilin Commemorates Three Years to the Slaying of Ten Year-Old Protester Ahmad Mousa

Protesters marched to the gate in the Wall in memory of the 10 year-old who was killed by an Israeli Border Police officer three years ago.