Fact Sheets

Legal Update on the Situation in Al Walaja

 In recent weeks, there have been significant legal developments concerning the Al Walaja residents’ legal efforts to challenge the route of the Wall, which, as currently planned, could effectively encircle Al Walaja and confiscate more privately-owned Palestinian land. Meanwhile, despite these ongoing legal proceedings, the State of Israel (the State) continues to construct the Wall in Al Walaja.

Under Repression

Report on Israeli violations of the civil and political rights of members the popular struggle movement in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Policy Paper. September 2010

Executive Summery
The popular struggle against the Occupation
The civil and Political rights of the protesters
Key findings

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An Eye on the Jordan Valley

The traditional ruarl backdrop of palestine is nowadays one of the most threatend by a strategic Israeli campagin of impoverishment and ethnic cleansing.

An Eye on Ni'ilin

Background information about Ni'ilin, the Wall's on the village and its struggle against it.