tear gas

Nabi Saleh Joins the Call for Palestinian Unity

Dozens participated in this week's demonstration in Nabi Saleh against land grab and ongoing occupation. 

Dozens Suffer Tear Gas Related Injuries in Bil'in

The weekly demonstration against the wall and the occupation was part of many new demonstrations which swept across the West Bank on Friday. Dozens were treated in Bil'in for the effects of Tear Gas inhalation and a batch of crops were set on fire from one canister in the course of the demonstration.


Nabi Saleh Demonstration Attacked with Tear Gas

The weekly demonstration was usually large this week as over 50 Israeli supporters joined the villagers in their unarmed protest. Despite the large size, Israel attacked the demonstration with unusual high amounts of tear gas. One man fell unconscious for over 20 minutes in the course of the demonstration and many children suffered from tear gas inhalation. 

Weekly Bil'in Demonstration Plagued by Extreme Heat and Tear Gas

Weekly demonstration attened by roughly 60 and one person was injuried when hit with a tear gas canister. The Israeli army used the skunk on protesters but the protest ended quickly due to extreme heat. 

Nine Year Old Child Suffers Broken Arm in Nabi Saleh Demonstration

Another round of harsh military repression plagued the village of Nabi Saleh this week as the Israeli army has stepped up its campaign of silencing unarmed Palestinian resistance in the West Bank. In total nine people were arrested in the course of the demonstrations. Three people were injured, including a 14 year old and a 9 year old both from tear gas projectiles. 

Bil'in Marks the Nakba

Weekly demonstration in Bil’in used to mark the Nakba. Protestors dressed as Palestinian refugees, some carried symbolic keys to their homes from which they were forced to leave in 1948. The demonstration was attacked with tear gas but no major injuries were reported on the spot. 

Night Raid in Bil'in Results in Three Arrested

In yet another night raid, Israeli soldiers raided Bil’in last night and arrested three people. Forced entered the village at roughly 8:30 local time using tear gas and stun grenades. The three have been taken to an unknown location. 

Al Ma’asra Calls for National Unity during Weekly Demonstration

Two people were arrested during the demonstration which had roughly 80 Palestinians and internationals. The leaders of the Popular Committee of the village called for Palestinian national unity. 

Nabi Saleh Demonstrates Against the Occupation and the US Veto

Weekly demonstration attacked with tear gas as it began from the village square. Soldiers invaded the village and attacked civilian houses with tear gas. A number of supporters were arrested throughout the course of the demonstration including and Israeli cameraman. 

Bil'in Marches Against the Occupation in Solidarity with the People of Egypt

Weekly protest against the separation wall and the occupation held in solidarity with the people of Egypt. Dozens suffer tear gas inhalation just like those on the streets of Egypt.